AILACT Newsletter

There doesn’t seem to be any Newsletters published earlier than 2002. However, Programs for earlier AILACT Divisional Meetings are available in the Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association, online via JSTOR. Fun facts:

  • AILACT’s first Eastern Division Meeting is detailed in the November 1984 issue. The meeting was chaired by Micheal Scriven; the topic was “The Nature of a Critical Thinking Course as a Part of a General Education Program”; and the panelists were Irving Copi, Richard Mendelsohn, and Richard Paul.
  • The first Pacific Division Meeting appears in the February 1985 issue. The Chair was Robert Ennis, with Harry Brod (U. of Southern Cal.) presenting “Critical Thinking as Intellectual Affirmative Action” and John E. Nolt (U. of Tenn.) presenting “Should Informal Logic be Relevance Logic?”
  • And the first Central Division Meeting is found in the March 1986 issue. Michael Lewis (U. of Georgia) presented “The Use of Expert System Development Tools in Informal Logic and Critical Thinking Courses.”
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