@ the APA

Organizers of AILACT Sessions at APA Divisional Meetings

  • APA Eastern
    Ben Hamby [email] 2017-2020
  • APA Central
    Frank Fair [email] 2017-2019
  • APA Pacific
    Peter Tan [email] 2017-2019

Eastern Division  

Call for Papers for the 2018 AILACT session at the APA East, in Savannah Georgia,
January 3-6, 2018

Session topic: “Four decades of Informal Logic and Critical Thinking”

Session agenda: Square number anniversaries (especially those divisible by 10), make for obvious, but important opportunities to reflect on the past, present, and future. Therefore, on the occasion of AILACT’s 40th anniversary, panel discussants will offer reflections of the “where have we come from, where are we now, where are we going” kind.

Instead of full length papers, 4 panel participants will each deliver a brief 10-15 min presentation, followed by a 10-min audience discussion. Any presentation regarding the evolving state of practice of our specialization will be considered.

Abstracts of proposals (200-300 words) should be emailed to bhamby@coastal.edu by August 31st.


Central Division

Call for Papers and Suggestions for the 2018 AILACT Group Session, at the Central Division APA Meeting,  at the Palmer House Hilton, Chicago, IL
February 21-24, 2018

Don Hatcher suggested a theme, and, without narrowing it down too much, the basic idea is the Relation between Critical Thinking and Psychology.

So, for example, if metacognition is a crucial part of critical thinking, how can we attempt to enhance that in our students? If the “critical thinking virtues” are vitally important to the whole enterprise, what are they and how do they square with research about the power of situations to affect behavior? What about “dual process” theory a la Kahneman or Stanovich—does it provide a handy way to conceptualize what we are about in teaching critical thinking?

We will aim, as usual, at having 3-4 presentations and lively commentaries on each.  We invite presentation proposals that relate critical thinking theory, practice, and pedagogy to the work of people such as Stanovich, Johnson-Laird, Gilovich, Kahneman, Gigerenezer, or Mercier and Sperber, and others.

If this sounds like something you would interested in doing, please give me your presentation proposal by September 15, 2017, because the APA needs full program information by Oct. 1. My colleague, David Wright and I, will need a couple of weeks to sort through the proposals.

Our day/time is not definite at this point, but I would not be too surprised if we found ourselves in the Friday night 7:00-10:00 slot once again.

For more information contact Frank Fair: PSY_FKF@SHSU.EDU


Pacific Division

Call for Papers for the 2018 AILACT Group Session, at the Pacific Division APA Meeting, at the Westin San Diego Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego, CA
March 28-April 1, 2018

At the 2018 APA/Pacific AILACT session, I am running a panel on Critical Thinking in the age of anti-intellectualism.

Thinking critically and using informal logic has been identified by some as a mark of liberal elitism and cosmopolitan bias. How does Critical Thinking as a discipline best respond to these charges in a way that does not make the political/cultural divide even wider? How does one most effectively insert informal logical reasoning into a discussion where democratic values seem to mean that, in the words of Isaac Asimov, “my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge?”

A timely topic and hopefully not too politically charged. I am looking for a panel of 5-6 presenters for the 3 hour session, preferably with in-class experience with this issue.

For more information contact Peter Tan at ptan@msmu.edu